Top Mentalism Related Books That You Should Have!



13 STEPS TO MENTALISMThis is one of the most comprehensive books ever written on the subject of mentalism and mind reading. A virtual encyclopedia with over 400 pages covering every aspect of mental magic. If you’re serious about learning to perform mental miracles, this is the place to start. Contributors include: Dr. Jaks, Maurice Fogel, Al Koran, David Berglas, Eric Mason, Hans Trixer, Ali Bongo, Harry Clarke and many other greats. Chapters include: The Swami Gimmick; .Pencil, Lip, Sound and Muscle Reading; .Mnemonics & Mental Systems; Predictions; Blindfolds & X-Ray Eyes; Billets (including Center Tear techniques); Book Tests & Supplements; Two Person Telepathy; Mediumistic Stunts; Card Tricks; Question & Answer Effects; Publicity Stunts; and Patter & Presentation.For you guys who want to learn mentalism,this book is like the ULTIMATE GUIDE!!! It’s a must have!!



What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People

what every body is sayingRead this book and send your nonverbal intelligence soaring. Joe Navarro, a former FBI counterintelligence officer and a recognized expert on nonverbal behavior, explains how to “speed-read” people: decode sentiments and behaviors, avoid hidden pitfalls, and look for deceptive behaviors. You’ll also learn how your body language can influence what your boss, family, friends, and strangers think of you.

Now,this is not a MUST READ book, but it certainly helps , while you are performing hot reading, cold reading or any other kinds of mind reading.When you’ve already KNOW what they are thinking, you can use their body language as a presentation for revealing their thoughts. This helps to bring your performance to the next level!


The Memory Palace – Learn Anything and Everything (Starting With Shakespeare and Dickens) (Faking Smart)


Our brain has extremely powerful power, we have unlimited storage actually, that means we can remember everything. But because we use our conscious mind during daily activities, our memory cannot get access into everything we’ve seen.

So, if you seriously want to be a super mentalist, you must must must master this: Your Memory. If you can remember the order of deck of cards in just a few seconds, than you can do lots and lots of tricks and mentalism tricks!

BTW, even Keith Barry recommended that if someone wants to train themselves to be a mentalist, its better to start with memory first.


The James Bond Cold Reading

Cold reading
Cold reading is a series of techniques used by mentalistspsychicsfortune-tellersmediums and illusionists to determine or express details about another person, often in order to convince them that the reader knows much more about a subject than they actually do.

This is also a MUST HAVE skill in order to be a mentalist, not just being helpful in mentalism, but also you daily social life. You can get better with your friends,families and colleagues.There are lots of benefits from learning cold reading!



Impromptu Mentalism: Practical Effects for Mentalists and Magicians 

Mentalism TricksSometimes, when you go out and meed your friends and they ask you for a magic trick but you didn’t prepare any props, that’s the time you need some impromptu thing!

Certain of these impromptu tricks are sometimes termed “ice-breakers” because when people seem cold or aloof, particularly at a party where very few know one another, they will often “thaw” quite rapidly when you show them a few bafflers.



Other Recommendations

Mentalism Unleashed

**The Magic Square

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Mastering Mentalism



How to read minds.

X-men,The Tomorrow People,Heroes…..

In these movies, there are always some characters who have the power of telepathy,and some mind reading…

But, in real life, are those real?

Um… I may say, yes and no.

Nowadays, technology “rules the world”,and by fMRI,scientists can accurately predict which of a thousand pictures a person is looking at by analyzing brain activity using it. Also,lie detector can be used to detect whether someone is lying or not. So I will take this as a YES.

However,without these technologies, is it possible to read someones mind?

YES, it is possible , but it won’t be 100% accurate and it is really difficult to learn those skills.They include: lip reading, body language, unconscious body signals,suggestion implantation… And even you can master these skills,you may may read a thought or a word,but you can not 100%  get what the spectator is thinking. Due to it’s low accuracy , I will take that as a NO.


Allow me to explain…These magicians and mind readers only film what they want you to see and in fact ,they may do some pre-show work ,such as “spying” their audiences in order to perform some readings.Or, just use some bold simple magic tricks and repackage the trick as a mind reading trick.Sometimes, hypnosis,suggestions and subliminal influence can be a big factor on a mentalism act.

In conclusion,it’s all just a trick!

If you want to be a mind reader, I have a little tip for you, a principle.Now, this sounds like a bit BS but if you know about this principle, you will know what is the first thing to do when you are creating your own mind reading tricks and mentalism tricks.

And the principle is KNOW.For example,you force a card.You know which card it is,you ask your spectator to think about it,and you reveal it.


There are thousand of ways to do it , you can force a card ,glimpse a card,put a mirror behind your spectator in order to know what card they have chosen…

Think about it, if you ask your audience to think about something , such as a card or a word or a number, if you KNOW what they are thinking , than YOU CAN READ MINDS and the trick is already done and your spectator will be amazed and blown away because ,HOW WOULD YOU POSSIBLY KNOW!? And that is the TRICK, THE SECRET.

Later on in this site, I will introduce some methods of “KNOWING” ,which are suitable for all kinds of magicians and mentalist:)

Perform and spread the joy!! :D

Magic tutorials, TEACHING or EXPOSURE?

OK, I am back:)

I had my final exams for the past month so I was busy on my work.

Today I want to talk about the ethics on teaching magic tricks on the internet.


I know some people say,nowadays magic tricks are not mysterious anymore,because people can search the “how-to”s on the internet,and they search how to do XXXXX magic trick, and they will know everything about it.


But some people says,magicians teaching magic tricks through the internet is good, because it is much more convenient and effective.Back to 70′s and 80′s, if you want to learn any tricks,you cannot sitting there at home and get the instant download video to learn the trick.You have to go out to the library and search for books and read or find others in order to learn.


So,tricks revealed on the internet,good or bad?


Well, I think , it depends …


If you are somebody who think internet is a place where people just want to hang around and relax,have some fun and entertainment,than you probably will consider that this is not a fair thing for us,the performers.


But in reality, internet is actually a virtual library, a library with infinite information,where we can learn almost everything, e.g. how to solve mathematical problems,how to cook,how to play drums…… Almost anything,even magic and mentalism tricks.


So..That means there are 2 kinds of revealing,the first one is EXPOSURE, and the second one is TEACHING.


Recently, I saw a video on Youtube where Brian Brushwood talk about the ethics on teaching magic on Youtube (The Video), and he did mention that both international brotherhood of magicians and the society of American magicians have identified the difference between TEACHING and EXPOSURE.And they both said the difference is: A deliberate action on the part on the prospect that show they are serious about wanting to learn magic.


So, the issue is about whether people who had watched or read the tutorial,are willing to pay some effort and time to master the trick. People who PRACTICE are MAGICIAN,you have to PRACTICE and PERFORM in order to be a magician.


See? So I hope that YOU ,who are visiting this website are one of those people who are willing to practice what you’ve learnt, PRACTICE ,PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and bring the joy to the others!! :D

Why Mentalism Tricks? And learn it from THE MIND READER!THE REVELATON EFFECT!

Mentalism is claimed to be one of THE MOST POWERFUL FORM OF MAGIC.

I remember when I was a card magician, I practice my card skills and techniques everyday in front of the mirror in my room and I was happy with my performance.

BUT, few years ago,I performed a few card tricks to a female teacher at school, yet,NO REACTION AT ALL… I asked her why she didn’t feel impress by my tricks, and she said, because I am a magician, therefore its normal for me to control cards, and that’s how “miracles” happened.

I felt down ,but I can’t conceded! So at that moment, I accidentally chose a mentalism trick to perform ,which shows that I can HACK INTO HER MIND.

She thought of a card, and I used a mind reading principle where I learnt Right Here!Click it now to see the tutorials!

and BOOM!!!I blew her mind and She was shouting “WHAT!!??” loudly like screaming , with her mouth opening and shocked!!

That Moment,I felt like I am the most successful mentalist in the world!!(Of course, I can’t claim myself to be;))

After this incident, I realized mentalism is THE NEXT LEVEL of magic.I am not saying that I should switch magic into mentalism, but mix mentalism and magic together. It is much simpler,cooler,yet much POWERFULLLL!


NOW, imagine you can hack into someones mind through mentalism tricks, and lots of people and audiences are surrounding you, thinking YOU ARE THE BEST MENTALIST. That would be great right?So,  I am going to recommend you a product that can bring you to that scenario that you thought about.

The best thing doing magic tricks is, to make your spectators feel amazed by YOU,and that’s what you want.The issue is not about the prize of the tutorial ,nor the method of mind hacking.But the issue is ABOUT THE MENTALISM EFFECT that you show to your spectators and the BIG REACTION you will get from them,and that means you will get what you want as a magician/mentalist.

One of the tutorial that I recommended is THE REVELATION EFFECT. You can download the video to your computer instantly and watch it straight away. When you purchase this today, you can perform it immediately after learning the secret.Simple and convenient.CLICK HERE NOW TO GET ACCESS TO THE TUTORIAL :)

*It’s 100% full proof. You will get it right all the time, every time. Purchase this download now and receive your Bonuses. This is trick you want!

Mentalism Tricks – One of the BEST form of magic

Hey Perry here,

First of all , thanks for checking my site out, you may find some useful magic tricks of MOSTLY mentalism tricks and some general magic tricks resources here.

Right now , you are in this website looking for tricks obviously, maybe you want to learn some amazing tricks to impress your friends from Professional Mentalists, maybe you want to upgrade your tricks to the mentalism level to get HUGE REACTION form your audience and friends, or maybe you even want to perform mentalism tricks like Derren Brown or Keith Barry…and, YOU ARE LUCKY!

WHY? Because I am going to share a few products and tutorials about these crazy mentalism or mind reading, and different sort of stuff that you maybe looking for.I am doing this is because I hope people can LEARN AND SHARE :D from me or others , so that I can even learn more stuff and be a better performer, andI hope everybody can become a better performer too!!

In this site,I will share some of the mentalism books, tutorials, and magic tricks tutorials etc… for magicians and mentalists or maybe some people who wants to be a mentalist:)

But be warned, the following stuff are just for magicians, mentalists, mind readers or some people who really wants to learn magic and mentalism seriously and put effort on it to master them. And these recommendations are not always avaliable on other websites. And most of the magic tricks are surefire, but some of the pure mentalism like direct mind reading or suggestion are a bit more risky but have built-in outs.

So I hope you guys can enjoy and learn some POWERFUL MENTAL MAGIC TRICKS here! :)